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Nearby Beaches

Luquillo is one of Puerto Rico's most famous and most visited tourist attractions. The view from the beach is spectacular. It features 3 long, gold sand, crescent shaped beaches stretching 5 miles!  It's lined by innumerable coconut palms with the hazy mountains of the rainforest soaring as the very near backdrop!  The beach is somewhat seperated naturally into various sections.  The #1

destination is the 40+ Kioskos or little restaurant/shops. (the # varies)  This is where the music and the food comes from.  At Luquillo you can do Flyboard rent jetskis and usually even ride a horse for a tiny donation  :)  It's also the public Ballneario with restrooms, picnic tables, life guards and showers.  Parking is $4 at the beach but Free around the shops.  There's not 1 bad spot on this whole beach.  It's definitely a fav!


02:  RÍO HERRERA BEACH - Río Grande / Loiza

This amazing stretch of rarely visited sand is actually the closet beach to the Eco-Retreat; 16km straight down the hill and right through the pueblo of Río Grande where you can pick up all your day adventure supplies.  Nicknamed "Piernas Locas" beach because our retreat mascot Hampton can run free here.  No services nearby.

03:  SEVEN SEAS BEACH - Fajardo

Seven Seas beach is popular mainly because its BEAUTIFUL & its fairly protected from the Easterly trade winds.  The water is usually very calm. You can soak up sun on the pristine sand, snorkel the shallows.  It can be a good protected little bay for windsurfing or sailing but there's nothing like that to rent at this location.  Not many services nearby but there are bathrooms and some vendors depending on the day.

04:  ISLA VERDE BEACH - San Juan  

Isla Verde is a place were people meet with family and friends to share their picnic snacks, read their favorite books and just soak up the sun. The more adventurous people go parasailing, waterskiing, surfing and body boarding - all of which are offered by the hotels and local merchants.


A very charming beach right in the middle of it all.  If you are in San Juan and only get to see one beach, this should be it!  Why, do you ask?  Because it has snorkeling, I reply.  The others here do not.  The tide is too rough

Alrededor de la Isla


It's a small crescent moon shape beach where when the tide comes in, the waves crash magnificently and you get a picturesque opportunity.  This beach is famous for ariel videos taken by drones and you'll see why!


It isn't the longest stretch of sand but it does have one of the most relaxing vibes of all the beaches. It's a small crescent shape where the main people hangout because you can walk waist deep in the water for about 200 feet!  The sand beach extends off one side and goes straight for a while in front of homes and old unused buildings.      


Crashboat is situated nearby the town of Aguadilla and has a fantastic Mediterranean feeling. Although the beach is not really suitable for swimming, the people of Aguadilla often come here to relax in the sun or unwind in the shade of the many palm trees that line the shore and sway in the breeze.


hosted a World Surfing Championship Competition in 1968 and has since been garnered with the title "The Surfing Capital of the Caribbean". 


A two-mile stretch of beach with a high level of environmental importance. The bay itself is an important breeding ground for the manatee. It also provides excellent nesting grounds for the endangered hawksbill and leatherback turtle. 


Boqueron Village is a small, charming and vibrant town that enjoys a friendly atmosphere and plenty of great hospitality. The village has an abundance of open air cantinas, food stalls, souvenir shops and dive shops.  Boqueron Beach is lined with more than a mile long stretch of white sand, and has the clearest turquoise water. Near to Boqueron Beach is the interesting Los Morillos, which you should definitely pay a visit to. Los Morillos is a sequence of massive reddish limestone cliffs that drop more than 200 feet into the sea.


a lovely stretch of beach situated not far from the Guanica Forest Reserve This stretch of coast features plenty of caves and coves which you can explore 


An amazing stretch of beach located near Humacao. It is here where the mountains meet an amazing stretch of coastline that there are many natural wonders to be found. Punta Santiago is a beach well worth visiting just to spend time getting in touch with nature.

Islas VIEQUES & CULEBRA  20+ Beaches