The 4 Day PR Comicon Experience No visas or passports are required to enter Puerto Rico from the United States. Package one $349 (10 spaces) 4 night stay, Hostel Style Ride to/from Con 3 days on the Starship “Partybus” Access to Aricebo Observatory Tour Morning Dagobah Hike (separate path each day) Campfire Evening Gathering Beach Access Themed dinner at ________ restaurant Package two: $449 (only 3 Available) 4 night stay, Private Room Ride to/from Con 3 days on the Starship “Partybus” Access to Aricebo Observatory Tour Campfire Evening Gathering Beach Access Themed dinner at ________ restaurant

Puerto Rico is the Island of Enchantment & it has everything except snow skiing.  Vacations are always better when you don't have to worry so that's why we've included this section to help :)  We are on the US Dollar which is good, you don't need a passport and your cell phone will work great without roaming charges.  Absolutely all beaches in PR are public by law; a BALNEARIO (is a publicly maintained, cleaner beach area with services provided by the municipality.)  Puerto Ricans are very kind & helpful Most people can speak English.  Its a fantastic island paradise with lots of charm!  Most people who come here never want to leave!


The most popular, most fun & most sensible vacation


Its not physically possible to cram everything Puerto Rico has to offer into 1 week.  Here's a list of what we recommend that you do, in no particular order.  Keep in mind that we recommend you start every day with yoga or meditation and take a nap or have quiet time almost every day to be healthy & happy!


Day 1 - Plan your flight to arrive around 12:00 noon.  Stop at beach, get wet.  

             Yoga at resort, have a drink, chill out & relax

Day 2 - El Yunque experience with zip lines (3 - 6hrs)  Afternoon coffee.  Luquillo beach dinner & relax party

Day 3 - Trip to Old San Juan, visit the Fortelezas, Isla Verde beach & Bacardi Rum Plant -or-

              A west island tour including the Camuy River & Caves or even the Observatory 

Day 4 - Vieques Island (Snorkel or SCUBA, & sightseeing guided tour) plus late evening Bio Bay

Day 5 - AM return to resort.  Shut-In @ Elementál.  Engage your senses, de-toxify & re-connect ALL DAY !!!

Day 6 - Yoga & Paddleboard in Ceiba, Hike & play at Charco Frio Waterfalls, Rest, Taino Indian Cultural Night

Day 7 - Amazing smoothie breakfast + hike or horseback tour.  Plan a late day departure



Airport Transfer, Car Rental & Distances


From the airport our retreat is 28 minutes without traffic.  We can pick you up in our van.  The cost of the Airport transfer is $50 each way.  It is preferable to rent a car for your vacation and if you come in the winter remember to book early.  All of the usual car rental companies exist at the airport for your convenience as well as a place called Charlie Car, which has offered lower cost "island cars".  Many guests also have luck using websites like Expedia.  Distances are from the Elementāl Eco-Retreat.  For general ease of use, think of 1 km as 1 minute in travel time.

20 km

22 km

27 km

34 km

34 km

35 km

41 km

46 km


98 km

106 km

127 km

128 km

 129 km

141 km

161 km

178 km

184 km

195 km

- Luquillo Beach & Equestrian Center

- El Yunque Visitor Center & Zipline Park

- City of Caguas

- SJU Airport

- Fajardo Ferry

- Humacao / Palmas del Mar Marina

- Old "Viejo" San Juan 

- Ceiba Airport & Adventure Center


- Coamo Natural Hot Springs

- El Toro Verde Zipline Park in Orocovis

- City of Ponce

- Arecibo Radio Telescope

- Camuy Caverns

- Pueblo of Isabela & Giant Taino Face

- Guanica Wall Dive Site

- La Parguera, Lajas & UFO Highway

- Surfing Pueblo of Rincon

- City of Mayaguez



What you need to know about Puerto Rico


PR has approx 4 million people, 2.5 of which live in San Jan.  We have almost everything that you have in the continental US; ALMOST.  Finding valid information about the island isn't exactly easy and neither is getting around PR without renting a car.  We are usually available to hire as your day guide (recommended).


We grow our own coffee here & its absolutely fantastic!  You can take a plantation tour & learn all about the magic red bean pods!  The island only produces 20% of its own food and most of that is plantains and mangos, so if you are a vegan / vegetarian, or if you have other dietary restrictions, you are going to need to plan your meals well in advance.  You definitely want to ask us for help and consult the restaruant guide


Vieques & Culebra


There are 2 ways to get over to the little islands.  Small planes leave out of the town of Ceiba and is faster at 10 minutes.  The cost is about $32 each way.  The ferry leaves out of the town of Fajardo.  The cost is only $2 per person each way but the journey is approximately 90 minutes.  It does have problems frequently.  


Culebra is a small, sleepy island with about 1,300 people.  It does have the beautiful Flamenco beach "best beach in America" with great snorkeling and 3 other great beaches but otherwise not much else to do. Flamenco is a mile or so of striking white coral sand is juxtaposed by turquoise waters and well covered hills. offering a completely different kind of solitude on a small island.


Vieques has 10 primary public beaches including the primaries Sun Bay & Caracas.  Sun Bay is a beach that is not only extreme tranquil and beautiful but it has interesting things to explore as well.  Other beaches were given color code names by the navy in addition to their Spanish names.  The whole island is about the size of Manhattan at 59.2 sq miles, however over 1/2 of it is unusable to the public due to Navy restrictions. There are about 3,000 residents and 2 towns. Vieques does have a lot more activities. Public taxi vans charge about $10 to go from one side to the other but they don't go everywhere. Jeeps rent for $80 per day & they do sell out during high season.


Biolumenescent Bays


There are 2 bays here.  Technically 3 but 2 on our side.  One in Fajardo & (the brightest one in the world) in Vieques.  You do have to stay the night in Vieques to do that bay because there is no transportation off the island past 6pm.  It is recommended that you book your tour in advance.  **Currently the bay is completely closed for 3 days each month surrounding the full moon.  Regulations limit the number of people who can go to the bays each night to 10 per tour and these tours sell out fast.  Its literally a magical experience that should not be missed!


Food at the Retreat


We have 2 large, fully-equiped kitchens here.  The number one question we get is "Can we pick fruit from the trees & are there blenders to make smoothies?"  Yes & Yes!!  We encourage everything that is healthy and organic.  We can even give you some recepies.  Giagantic Avocado season starts mid-August FYI and lasts until mid-January!  Now we don't offer meals on a regular basis, however that is something that can certainly be arranged with about 1 or 2 days advance notice.  Usually most groups are interested in a dinner following a highly active tour day.  Its best to call and tell us directly what you would like. Dinner is included in the Taino Cultural Night experience.