Pā is a monk on his own unique spiritual path; practicing what he refers to as Transformative Zen.  The spirit is free and of the violet ray, which is the sum total.  The mind exists in the flow of the Tao.  The body complex, slow but full of intention is just that; a vessel of the mortal 3rd Density here to gain experience and be in service to others. He feels a strong calling to share knowledge on the Earth in the hope of raising consciousness and negating suffering.

As a spiritual guru Pā has 3 students of unbounded potential.  From time to time we will make short videos explaining the nature of things from a different perspective.  This series will be called the Indigo Room.  He is available to speak at functions where the impart of Love and the blessings of the Light are desired to grow.  He does limited consulting for companies that wish to demonstrate their dedication to the public and which understand the intrinsic value of human togetherness and having personnel that reverberate as a full spectrum mind/body/spirit complex.  In the old days, this was known as creating culture.

Special Projects at the Retreat

*** We are looking for individuals who wish to contribute at this time.  We seek only those guided by spirit to use their resources to create something not seen in this world.  Either one desires to do great things, or one does not.  Humility, simplicity and a desire to be of service to others is required.

Healing Chamber Pyramid - We are at the beginning stages of building an actual pyramid.  This will be an outdoor structure combining all of the elements required to stimulate the body into the mode of regeneration.  (NOTE: these modalities may be used separately, the goal is to enhance the rate of recovery.  A healing diet is also required)  Pā believes firmly that the body is hardwired for healing and he has had gifts of knowledge bestowed on how to build such a device for those of us whom may require additional help in the helping of physical trauma. This knowledge has simply been unused for several thousand years and is only beginning to re-manifest itself onto the world.  This will represent the element of the Akash.  The catalysts required for healing are the following:


Structural Composition

Torroidal Field Generation

True Color Light

Sound - True pitch, Reverberation & Resonance



Hobbit House - Construction beginning soon on a small guest home put into the side of the mountain.  Casa de Terra will be covered in soil with pounded or fired clay walls and natural sky lighting.  There will be a round wooden door and tunnel-like hallways.  Perfect for the person who would like a different kind of stay, connected and grounded.