We are working under an established joint partnership with the Open World Relief Foundation, a U.S. based 501(c)(3). The first group of volunteers arrived March 24th!  The intention with this collaboration is to first make it possible for OWR to have a reliable base camp from which to launch the physical labor recovery efforts and medical supply missions.  Elementāl is 100% committed to becoming 100% off grid for power and water as a place where guests can stay.  We do this to specifically demonstrate to the world what a fully functioning sustainable / resilient property looks like,  so when they go home there will remain a natural tendency to start thinking about ways to impact their home lives and communities.

Eco-Retreat Projects List

DRIVEWAY - $500 Landslides and natural erosion have combined to damage the 1/4 mile driveway.  

BASURA - $400  Cleaning up and instilling pride in the neighborhood by installing the first 

SOLAR - This remains our single biggest concern.  The hurricanes produced several surges and lightning strikes which blew out many power receptacles.  After 7 months the AEE power lines remain down in the jungle and we cannot provide power for ourselves at this juncture without the generator.  The roof must be scrapped and then re-sealed on the Casas del Aire y Fuego.  This is the perfect place and time to convert to solar.

CONCRETE - The driveway to the property has been damaged over time.  As of April, it continues to wash away.  The degradation has become more rapid over the last month.  We estimate that we need a mixing truck with 5 cubic yards of concrete to make it passable for a standard low clearance rental car.

RAILINGS & SHUTTERS - Hurricane resistant 175mph window shutters & guard rails on the main property the Casa de Agua.  Repainting literally everything


ALEGRÍA - This is a separate project birthed from the desire to serve others.  It is the result of years of dealing with an antiquated and corrupt ferry system for the small islands of Vieques & Culebra.  We have found and acquired title to a 42' Trawler with a potential 25 passenger capacity & goods.  Well qualified marine examinations put the total repair estimate at $30,000

  •  Propellers, Shafts & Bearings

  • Bottom Coat / Sanding

  • Keel Repair

  • Transportation by hydraulic trailer to workable boatyard

EARTHSHIP - Currently this project is in the zoning and design phase.  We hope to work with many interested volunteers.  It will be quite a project.